[18] The following is the passage relating to this journey in the remarkable paper above mentioned. After recounting La Salle's visit with the Sulpitians to the Seneca village, and stating that the intrigues of the Jesuit missionary prevented them from obtaining a guide, it speaks of the separation of the travellers and the journey of Galinée and his party to the Saut Ste. Marie, where "les Jésuites les congédièrent." It then proceeds as follows: "Cependant M{r.} de la Salle continua son chemin par une rivière qui va de l'est à l'ouest; et passe à Onontaqué [Onondaga], puis à six ou sept lieues au-dessous du Lac Erié; et estant parvenu jusqu'au 280me ou 83me degré de longitude, et jusqu'au 41me degré de latitude, trouva un sault qui tombe vers l'ouest dans un pays bas, marescageux, tout couvert de vielles souches, dont il y en a quelques-unes qui sont encore sur pied. Il fut donc contraint de prendre terre, et suivant une hauteur qui le pouvoit mener loin, il trouva quelques sauvages qui luy dirent que fort loin de là le mesme fleuve qui se perdoit dans cette terre basse et vaste se réunnissoit en un lit. Il continua donc son chemin, mais comme la fatigue estoit grande, 23 ou 24 hommes qu'il avoit menez jusques là le quittèrent tous en une nuit, regagnèrent le fleuve, et se sauvèrent, les uns à la Nouvelle Hollande et les autres à la Nouvelle Angleterre. Il se vit donc seul à 400 lieues de chez luy, où il ne laisse pas de revenir, remontant la rivière et vivant de chasse, d'herbes, et de ce que luy donnèrent les sauvages qu'il rencontra en son chemin."[44] A close translation of Dablon's report of the speech. See Relation, 1671, 27.Bill King is the author of over 30 novels, an Origins Award-winning game designer, husband, father, and player of MMOs. His short stories have appeared in Interzone and Years Best SF. He is the creator of Gotrek & Felix and the author of the World of Warcraft novel Illidan. Over a million of his books are in print in English.Blood of Aenarion was shortlisted for the 2012 David Gemmell Legend Award. He lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

288 "With this," he said, "I give you back this prisoner. I did not say to him, 'Nephew, take a canoe and go home to Quebec.' I should have been without sense, had I done so. I should have been troubled in my heart, lest some evil might befall him. The prisoner whom you sent back to us suffered every kind of danger and hardship on the way." Here he proceeded to represent the difficulties of the journey in pantomime, "so natural," says Father Vimont, "that no actor in France could equal it." He counterfeited the lonely traveller toiling up some rocky portage track, with a load of baggage on his head, now stopping as if half spent, and now tripping against a stone. Next he was in his canoe, vainly trying to urge it against the swift current, looking around in despair on the foaming rapids, then recovering courage, and paddling desperately for his life. "What did you mean," demanded the orator, resuming his harangue, "by sending a man alone among these dangers? I have not done so. 'Come, nephew,' I said to the prisoner there before you,"—pointing to Couture,—"'follow me: I will see you home at the risk of my life.'" And to confirm his words, he hung another belt on the line.[17] The mission of the Neutral Nation had been abandoned for the time, from the want of missionaries. The Jesuits had resolved on concentration, and on the thorough conversion of the Hurons, as a preliminary to more extended efforts.


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  1. [28] "Pioneers of France," 333. It was the Place Royale of Champlain.[9] In the Act, an exception, however, was made in favor of Jesuits coming as ambassadors or envoys from their government, who were declared not liable to the penalty of hanging.Please come back and rescue the Gotrek and Felix series.

  2. With regard to his alleged voyage down the Illinois, the case is different. Here, he is reported to have made a statement which admits but one interpretation,—that of the discovery by him of the Mississippi prior to its discovery by Joliet and Marquette. This statement is attributed to a man not prone to vaunt his own exploits, who never proclaimed them in print, and whose testimony, even in his own case, must therefore have weight. But it comes to us through the medium of a person strongly biassed in favor of La Salle, and against Marquette and the Jesuits.Hitherto Sainte Marie had been covered by large fortified towns which lay between it and the Iroquois; but these were all destroyed, some by the enemy and some by their own people, and the Jesuits were left alone to bear the brunt of the next attack. There was, moreover, no reason for their remaining. Sainte Marie had been built as a basis for the missions; but its occupation was gone: the flock had fled from the shepherds, and its existence had no longer an object. If the priests stayed to be butchered, they would perish, not as martyrs, but as fools. The necessity was as clear as it was bitter. All their toil must come to nought. Sainte Marie must be abandoned. They confess the pang which the resolution cost them; but, pursues the Father Superior, "since the birth of Christianity, the Faith has nowhere been planted except in the midst of sufferings and crosses. Thus this desolation consoles us; and in the midst of persecution, in the extremity of the evils which assail us and the greater evils which threaten us, we are all filled with joy: for our hearts tell us that God has never had a more tender love for us than now." [2]Bill,

    [10] Le Clerc, établissement de la Foy, Chap. XV.Dauversière, who had first conceived this plan of a hospital in the wilderness, was a senseless enthusiast, who rejected as a sin every protest of reason against the dreams which governed him; yet one rational and practical element entered into the motives of those who carried the plan into execution. The hospital was intended not only to nurse sick Frenchmen, but to nurse and convert sick Indians; in other words, it was an engine of the mission.I just wanted to say thank you for creating/writing the Gotrek and Felix series. They were some of the best fantasy I’ve read. Very good in their own special way. I’ve also passed on your works to a handful of other people- students of mine, guildmates in WoW, etc. They’ve all enjoyed your work. Right now I’m reading your Space Wolves First Omnibus and its really pulling me into Warhammer 40k, something I’ve never thought I’d get into. Thanks! Lastly, you were the best writer of Gotrek and Felix, the current guy is decent, but the stories just don’t have the same tough and feel. Please consider picking them up again.

    A fan from the States,

    [12] "Cette pauure creature qui s'est sauuée, a les deux pouces couppez, ou plus tost hachez. Quand ils me les eurent couppez, disoit-elle, ils me les voulurent faire manger; mais ie les mis sur mon giron, et leur dis qu'ils me tuassent s'ils vouloient, que ie ne leur pouuois obeir."—Buteux in Relation, 1642, 47.[10] Le Clerc, établissement de la Foy, Chap. XV.Derek Weimer
    Cincinnati, OH, USA

    1. [2] Ragueneau, Relation des Hurons, 1649, 3-5; Bressani, Relation Abrégée, 247; Du Creux, Historia Canadensis, 524; Tanner, Societas Jesu Militans, 531; Marie de l'Incarnation, Lettre aux Ursulines de Tours, Quebec, 1649.[12] This practice of forcing prisoners to "run the gauntlet" was by no means peculiar to the Iroquois, but was common to many tribes.Thank you, Derek, much appreciated. My apologies for taking so long to approve your comment. I have just got back from Gamesday Italy.

  3. [2] Jogues and Garnier in Lalemant, Relation des Hurons, 1640, 95.Bill,

    Any chance you’ll ever ressurrect Wasteworld? Do you still own the rights or are they with the defunct Manticore games? Enquiring minds want to know!

    Randy Metras
    Rochester, Ny USA

    1. I own the rights to the text, Randy, but I don’t see me ever resurrecting the game. It would be too much work at this stage of my life.

  4. Bill, Thank you for your reply and for b eing an approachable artist! Too bad, the game is great. Would have loved to see the proposed expansions of the other Megazones of Avernus. Oh well, will have to exercise my brain and make my own details


    1. Good luck :)!

  5. William, do you have a Twitter account we could follow?

    1. @williamking9, I think it is, Richard. There is a link just below the first book cover on the top right hand side of the page :).

  6. Hi Bill,

    I just wanted to say that it gladdens my heart to see that you have followed your dreams and that you are doing well. I remember fondly our gaming sessions back in Stranraer in the late 80s, particularly the different worlds you made up using the Hero system.

    Thanks for giving me at least some decent memories of Stranraer ;-P.


  7. William,

    You are my favorite writer in warhammer series, please tell me…is there a chance that you will return to Gotrek/Felix series. The last books have lost the track and most of them are bad by my opinion. Thanks for reply, take care. Richard

    1. Thanks Richard. I have no plans to do any more Gotrek and Felix books at the moment.

  8. I really like your writing and love the creativity you put into it. Thanks for some very entertaining books. Do you stil tinker with game design or does writing take all your time?

    1. Thanks Stephen, much appreciated. I still play around with some game design in the hope that I may eventually have time to get back into running a campaign some day. Right now I am looking at Old School Renaissance stuff (easy for me since I grew up with these rules) and FATE. When I have time I would like to design a Sword and Sorcery magic system for FATE, if I can’t find one off the shelf. These days though I am more interested in what other people are doing with games design.

  9. Mr. King, thank you for your Gotrek&Felix series, it is one of my favorite fantasy series. It is very cool, that the author lives in the same city as me…:-)
    Cheers from Prague (Brank)

    1. Thanks Martin. I used to live in Branik a long time ago. I still go for walks there sometimes with my son.

  10. Mr. King,

    I am sorry to disturb you with a Gotrek & Felix question, but to avoid spending bad money after good, I need to.

    The Oct. 2013 “G&F: Myths and Legends” contains what three short stories that were originally published in what?
    I have many GW/BL volumes; I have been around a while.
    Black Library seems to be clueless as to where these were originally printed, and they give no titles.
    I am hoping you might help me.

    Thank you..

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